Rider Achievement Award

SGSDS wants to acknowledge the accomplishments of its members who demonstrate proficiency in dressage competition by instituting Rider Achievement Awards. There are three award categories: 50-59%, 60-64% & 65%+. • Scores must be earned while you are a current member of SGSDS. • An award does not have to be earned in one calendar year … Read more

Meeting Minutes 11/16/16

Attendence Cara Tozour, Alexis Tozour, Chris Shallcross, Jennifer Allen, Lilah Carr, Oliviah Carr, Tori Pulcinello, Damiana Mercado, Miriam Reich, Tiffanie Clark, Lauren Hewitt, Kim Mullins, Lynn Stokking, Tori Thompson, Eileen Keller, Colleen & MaryAnn Curtin. 7:20pm – Meeting Called to Order by J.A. I. Good News A. Lynn Stokking – Nona Garson Clinic was a … Read more

2017 Officer Nominations

It’s ELECTION SEASON!!! Up for Office in the Southern Garden State Dressage Society… President: Jennifer Allen Vice President (vacancy): Tiffanie Clark has volunteered for the nomination Treasurer: Debbie Evans Secretary: Lauren Hewitt has volunteered for nomination Membership Secretary: Eileen Keller Voting will commence at our Next Meeting on Wednesday, November 16th, 2016 at Lauren Hewitt’s … Read more